Welcome to YeshTickva

Yesh Tickva is a non-profit organization that offers a range of services and support for individuals suffering from Lyme Disease, especially late stage or chronic Lyme. We feel that with the proper knowledge and information patients can make better decisions about their treatment and ultimately their general well-being. Our goal is to help people make well-informed choices so they can reach their optimum good health.

Yesh Tickva provides support in the following areas:

Information and Awareness-Knowing the facts is the first step to appropriate prevention and treatment. We therefore run public awareness campaigns about tick bites via ads in various publications, especially before and after the summer. We also contact doctors, camp mothers and other medical personnel and inform them about proper tick removal procedures and preventive treatment in the event of a tick bite. When Lyme Disease is detected early, the treatment and recovery is usually uncomplicated. It is undiagnosed Lyme that can lead to a variety of seemingly unrelated and inconsistent symptoms that take patients on the proverbial medical merry-go-round and baffle even seasoned doctors. Since Lyme tends to mimic many other illnesses, it’s essential to get accurate testing. Many local labs don’t provide the specialized tests required to properly diagnose Lyme. We are in touch with doctors and medical referral agencies as to the specific testing necessary for procuring a correct diagnosis.

Referral and Guidance-Once a diagnosis is made, choosing an appropriate physician is an important factor in successful treatment. Though Lyme can be detected through appropriate testing, a doctor specializing in the disease will take a clinical approach, seeing the patient and all his symptoms, rather than just the lab report. Each case tends to be unique, as the bacteria can manifest itself in every part of the body. Therefore, it is fundamental to find the right doctor, someone experienced in Lyme disease who follows ILADS (International Lyme & Associated Diseases) guidelines. Our phone line has operators available to provide referrals and references to top physicians in this field, for both adults and children. We can also arrange expedited appointments to doctors where applicable. Yesh Tickva operators are there to discuss available treatment options, including alternative options to counteract side-effects from antibiotics. We have access to volunteer paramedics, should the need arise.

Resources-Being an educated consumer is a key to getting the desired results. You are your best advocate. Yesh Tickva has an up-to-date library of medical literature and reference material on Lyme Disease that can be accessed from our website. In addition, for women suffering from chronic Lyme we offer support packets with articles and CDs to inform and inspire. There is also a phone conference for women where they can share their stories and exchange information. Articles are published periodically in different magazines recounting different individual’s struggles with Lyme, thus bringing support to sufferers and awareness to those around them.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that we can be of service to help alleviate the suffering and pain of those afflicted with Lyme, and that with proper prevention, our services will not be needed.